WARNING TO PARENTS: These are not gummy candies, it’s a new lethal drugs!

On the black market there is a new drug called strawberry met. It looks like rubber or Pop Rock or jelly candy and smells like strawberry. Be sure to warn your kids!

This drug is crystal meth with strawberry flavor and can kill people.

This is another type of crystal target, which is called “strawberry meth”. This drug is a sort of methamphetamine, which is used for a long time in the West.

Also it can be available in some other flavors like chocolate. Tell your kids, because it is a crystal meth with strawberry flavor and can kill them. This is absolutely unpleasant and a direct path to death.

Crystal meth (Crystal Meth) is synthetic drug and is turning out to be even more popular in the EU and the USA. The number of addicts and user of this drug expands consistently, and the authorities have shown themselves to be powerless to stop the entrance of this evil, particularly between young people.

If it is used for quite a while, there are huge organic and psychological issues occuring. This powder, as small crystals (which is likewise called “ice” – ice), can be taken orally, by sniffing, smoking or even intravenously – a needle. The production is very simple, and after taking it can intensely activate certain brain cells. The individuals who take this drug develop a strong psychological and physical dependence.

This drug is created in home laboratories; one gram costs around 70 euros. It can be used as an injection or a pill that can be powdered and sniffed. It is more dangerous than heroin and cocaine since it acts negatively to the central nerve system and brain. The people who take it start to deteriorate physically, develop horrible eczema and blisters throughout the body, and most of them are even diagnosed with HIV.

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