The Real Truth about Microwaves Everyone Ignores

The first tube producing microwaves known as magnetron was invented during World War II, by two scientists. Due to combining the magnetrons with Britain’s radar system, the microwaves have ability to find Nazi airplanes that were on a mission to bomb the British Isles.

Percy LeBaron Spencer, while working, had found his candy bar melted in his pocket. This made him concluded that microwaves he was working with had caused his candy bar to melt. After some of his performed experiments he concluded that microwaves can also cook food.

The first commercial microwave oven produced by the Raytheon Corporation in 1954, was called the 1161 Radar range. It was large and heavy as a fridge, expensive, and with power of 1600 watts.

But the real truth about microwaves that everyone ignores is that microwaves oven can be harmful for our health.

How do microwaves ovens heat/cook our food?

Microwave ovens don’t work as the conventional ones, and are faster and more efficient because can channel the heat energy directly to the molecules inside food and heat food in a same way the sun heats your face-by radiation.

How are microwave ovens dangerous?

There are 2.45 billion hertz inside of microwave and when your microwaves door ages, its radiation begins to leak out and thereby causing human cells and tissues damage.

How does a microwave oven harm our bodies?