Do You Know What Aluminum Foil Does to Your Body? After Reading This You’ll Never Stop Using It!

Many people are not familiar with all the uses of aluminum foil. Even though it is mainly used in the kitchen, it can be also use for treating eye bags, burns, and rheumatic pain. In fact, Russian and Chinese natural healers use aluminum foil in their healing practices very often.

Numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of the aluminum foil in the treatment of the following health conditions:

Back, Neck, Arm, Leg and Joint Pain
Muscular Pain
Effects of Inflammatory Processes
Postoperative Scars

Aluminum Foil for Burns
The pain from burns, usually caused by fire, oil, hot water, steam and other liquids, can effectively be alleviated by the aluminum foil.


First, you need to hold the burn under cold water running for couple of minutes. In case there isn’t any damage to the skin, dry it with soft and clean cloth. If the skin IS damaged, dry the wound by using sterile gauze. It is really important to dry the wound prior applying a thin layer of ointment in order to prevent the gauze sticking to the wound. Cover the wound with the help of sterile gauze. Then, place some aluminum foil onto the affected area ( of the burn is not open) or over the gauze ( if the burn is open). Fasten with some bandage. Let the foil stay until the pain goes away.

Aluminum Foil Wraps against Muscle and Joint Pain
The aluminum pain is an excellent way to relieve pain in the neck, back, arms, legs, and joints. In addition, it can be also used in the treatment of heel pain, gout, sciatica, and rheumatoid arthritis. The best thing about it is that it is all-natural and safe.


Wrap the painful area with some aluminum foil. Fix it well by using a bandage. Let it work overnight or during the day, to your preference. Even if the pain affects your legs, knees, elbows, or arms, wrap the foil around the extremity and fasten with some bandage. This treatment should be done for 10-12 days. Then, take a 1-2 week break. In case the pain proceeds, feel free to repeat the treatment.

Treating Insomnia and Fatigue
Using aluminum foil for facial treatment is recommended by numerous makeup artists and beauticians worldwide. The thing is, the treatment with aluminum foil can reenergize and refresh your body after a sleepless night.


First of all, you need to put some aluminum foil strips in a freezer for couple of hours. When frozen, place the strips on the areas you want to refresh, such as eyelids, cheeks, or face. Let them work for couple of minutes or until your feel your facial muscles relaxed. You will be amazed to notice that once your remove the strips, the signs of fatigue, stress, or insomnia have disappeared.

Flu and Cold Treatment
In case you didn’t know, the aluminum foil is an excellent tool for fighting off infections. When you are bedridden due to flu or cold and you want to take a break from the antibiotics you normally use, this aluminum foil-treatment is the thing you need. It can help you overcome the cold in just few days, in all-natural and safe way.


You need to wrap your feet with 5-7 layers of foil. Make sure you put some paper or cotton between the layers. Let the wrap work for about an hour, and then remove it. Repeat the same procedure two hours later. Don’t forget to use a new wrap. Again, let it work for an hour. You should take a two-hour break prior placing the third wrap. Proceed with this treatment for one week.

Alleviating Post-Amputation or Phantom Pain
There is a research which suggests that aluminum foil can be used in dealing with pain following amputation of an extremity, also referred to as phantom pain.

The study on amputees published in the British Journal of Pain shows that the post-amputation pain in patients whose limbs were wrapped in aluminum foil was far milder in comparison to the ones who didn’t undergo such treatment.


The method is very simple. All you need to do is to wrap some aluminum foil around the amputated limb, and to fasten with a bandage. Remove the foil once the pain lessens or it completely goes away.

Which Side to Use?

For those who wonder which side of the aluminum foil should be used, keep in mind that both sides can be used depending on the condition you use it for.

For warming and keeping the heat in the body part you are treating, use the shiny side on the inside and keep the matte side on the outside.
For cooling and heat protection, use the matte side on the inside and the shiny one on the outside.
According to many health practitioners, both sides of the aluminum foil are just as effective, and it doesn’t make any difference which side you use.

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