A Heart Attack Can Be Predicted Even Months Before: Your Hair Warns You, And Here’s How…

Even the slightest changes on your body can be indicator for some serious health problem. It might sound strange to you, but even the change of your hair color might indicate something.

The Canadian scientists conducted a study recently in which they examined the effects of the stress, the financial problems and the works over the health. While doing this they came to interesting conclusion that might save someone`s life. According to them there is a biological marker that can predict heart attack. The indicator of this is cortisones which is usually measured with blood, urine and saliva tests. Besides this the hair can indicate high level of cortisones too, it is different – as it grows at a fast rate, a 5-6-inch strand could show a longer period of increased stress levels.

Professor Stan van Mind from the University of Western Ontario said that there were high levels of cortisol present in the subjects’ urine, blood and saliva samples for days and hours before the analysis eve began.

The study examined hair strands from 56 subjects who had undergo heart attack previously, and the results were compared to hair samples from men who didn’t suffer a heart attack.

Originally taken from: www.healthylifebase.com