The 7 Things He Did to Lose 220 Pounds without Dieting

  1. Quit Starving, Start Nourishing

Gabriel found that his yo-yo dieting had left his body starved of critical building blocks. By eating foods rich in omega-3 acids and high-quality proteins, he found himself craving junk food less and less. However, if he had a craving for junk food, he allowed himself to eat it.

  1. Heal Your Digestive System

Gabriel’s research revealed something that scientists have just recently started publicizing. Namely, our digestive systems are much more integral compared to what you have ever before suspected, even affecting things such as mood. By consuming more probiotics and cultured foods, Gabriel was able to get his guts on the right track again.

  1. If You Have Sleep Apnea, Get a CPAP Machine

Sleep apnea can be a very bad condition causing loud snoring, interrupting sleep and causing stress hormones to increase. Gabriel noticed that with using a CPAP machine, he was less inclined to go for junk food.

  1. Mind-body practices to reduce stress.

Gabriel knew that his high-stress job was not doing his body any favors. Stress causes elevated levels of cortisol and inflammatory hormones which can lead to constant cravings and put your body into chronic fat storage mode. Meditating is found to be extremely effective for reducing stress.

  1. Lower Your Expenses If You Need to, and Grow Some Plants

Gabriel moved to a more affordable house and started growing some of my own foods. He  knew that anytime he was hungry he could go into the back yard and eat something fresh and full of vitality.

  1. Work Through Emotional Traumas

Gabriel recognized that he was using his weight as a shield. By being overweight, he was guarding himself from pain and trauma from past occasions.

He even comprised a name for this phenomenon – emotional obesity. Finally, he trained himself to let go of the need for armor.

  1. Stop Storing Toxins

The body likes to store toxins in fat deposits. By cleansing himself with alkaline foods and green juices, apple cider vinegar, and water with lemon, Gabriel was able to drop the last forty pounds very quickly.

Gabriel’s approach to weight loss had a tremendous impact upon his life. Now he’s able to help other individuals with their own weight loss issue.

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