The 7 Things He Did to Lose 220 Pounds without Dieting

The number of overweight and obese adults in the developing world is highly increased. Although there are numerous weight loss centers, various diet pills, prepackaged food programs, and of course gyms, there are so many people still overweight. Clearly there’s something wrong here!

For Jon Gabriel, his weight became a life-or-death situation in 2001. He weighed over 400 pounds. Because he was a man of means, he was able to afford sessions with Dr. Atkins, extremely popular for being the father of the “no carb” movement. Gabriel still could not lose weight. He tried every diet. Unfortunately, he continued to lose the battle. He find himself even more stressed and hopeless.

In September of 2001 after barely missing the ill-fated United Airlines flight 93, Gabriel decided that his life needed more of a purpose. Devoting himself to learning more about what caused people to become fat, he used his scientific background to begin his weight loss journey. Two years later, he finally achieved his goal, he was 220 pounds lighter, without even dieting.

Here you can read about the 7 things he did to lose 220 pounds without diets, intensive exercise, or surgery.