17 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life

These are the things you have been doing wrong your whole life. Well, let’s see what the proper way of doing that is.

How to wear a bobby pin– here’s what you need to know: well, the wavy part needs to be pointed inwards when you are wearing them so that they can capture a longer portion of your hair at once.
How to cut watermelon– this is very useful: just make sure you do that cross-wise in order to retain the juice in it. That’s it!
How to eat a cupcake– if you eat them like a sandwich will make your life easier.

How to hold a wine glass– here’s what you need to know: first of all, you shouldn’t use your whole palm to grip the glass, but just use the pinch stem of the glass between the first finger and the thumb.
How to insert earphones– yes, just take a look at the video below and you’ll be shocked (you can trust me on that).

How to hold a pen– this way will help you write smoother.
How to cross words– try to superimpose them with other words.

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